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  • Training in Web Designing
  • Training in Web Development
  • Training in Iphone-Ipad
  • Training in Android

We Provide Job Oriented Training

  • Web designing

    Web development in layman term is simply creation and maintenance of a website, but is it as easy as it sounds? Well that depends upon how broadly you’ve learnt on this subject. Web development is a fast booming arena as new companies/organisations are coming up and everyone needs a website of their own, not only companies, organisations or industries are into it, but small entrepreneurs are also in demand of websites to promote their business. Training in the field of web development will give you an excellent start to your career. Next question which might come to your mind is why to choose CQLsys? The answer is quite easy, training centres provide technical training which are mainly textual while we emphasis on practical knowledge to make you understand how this thing actually works. Apart from that our dedicated staff keep themselves updated with the latest ongoing about their respective topics so as to impart full-fledged knowledge to their candidates which is completely in sync with current industrial needs.

  • Web development

    Web designing deals with layout creation, logo creation, graphic creation and many more. Creativity is only a small aspect of it, but using that creativity and implementing that on designing of websites is what really makes an excellent web designer. Web designing has a huge scope for employment as web development and web designing run parallel. Here in CQlsys we provide we the best of knowledge which is completely based on current industrial trend. We believe preparing students in such a way that they are market ready i.e. they can start working from the first day with no additional training required. Work on live projects and get the experience of working with real industrial projects. This is something which will definitely give you boost to your career, no matter wherever you go. Designing comprises of visual part and is the most important part of any project. Beautifying a project is as important as building one because the one which is beautified will appeal more to the customers than the one without.

  • Mobile Application

    Mobiles have become an inseparable part of our daily life. We rarely see anyone not carrying a mobile phone and now a days we have seen an advent of smartphones. A large part of global population uses smartphones and versatility of a smartphone is increases using mobile apps. In CQLsys, we carefully analyzed current trend and found that more than 90% people use android based or ios based smartphones, hence providing training in both. We have a highly specialized training faculty who promises to make you a proficient iPhone or android developer. Training in the field of mobile application does provide a promising future as this industry is something which is meant to grow no matter what happens. Even in case of recession, mobile application market was least affected as people will buy mobile phones, no matter what happens and these mobile phone (which now a days are smartphones) need excessively increasing need of mobile apps. A candidate can take training of mobile application development in any platform he/she wishes for, and we’ll help them realize in which field they’ll be better off by evaluating them thoroughly.

Stipend program

  • 01The management will retain the employee, by conducting an interview and the selected candidates will be provided with the training.
  • 02After three months of Training a Programming Test will be conducted.
  • 0395% Attendance during training is Compulsory
  • 04Training will be stipend based only for the students working on Live Projects
  • 05The Stipend May vary from Rs 2000-Rs 7000 depending upon the working states of the trainees.
  • 06After selection Candidate can be shifted to any shift, branch, and Department of Cqlsys technologies.
  • 07All the project which candidates handles will be property of Cqlsys technologies, Only one project will be given to trainee for college purpose.
  • 08One has to follow the rules and regulations of company very strictly

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